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I’m Mike Landry and I’ve been the Senior Pastor at Sarasota Baptist Church since 1997. I love pastoring this church.  It’s full of people who want to do whatever it takes to connect people to Jesus Christ.  Currently we meet at two different campuses and are experimenting with a multi-site strategy and having great success in connecting people to Jesus.

I cut my teeth in ministry as College Ministry Director at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, while I was working on my Bachelor’s Degree at Georgia Tech.  After completing a MDiv at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas I was called to serve as Minister of Evangelism and Youth at Britton Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  I served there almost 4 years before moving to Beavercreek, Ohio, and served as the Senior Pastor of University Baptist Church.  It was about 4 years later that I left to serve as the Director of Evangelism and Church Growth of the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio.  I served over 600 churches in Ohio in that capacity for 10 years and also earned my DMin from Mid-America Baptist Seminary in Memphis, before moving to Sarasota, Florida, where I currently serve.

A little bit about my family…

I love my bride, Cindy. We’ve been married since 1976 and I know God saved the best wife for me.

I’m a dad who has loved this season of life. There’s nothing that Cindy and I have enjoyed more than spending time with our kids. Watching them grow up and develop into young adults who are so very different from each other has been amazing. Yet the variety and differences have added so much fun to the adventure; not to mention the stories that have become legendary to our family. An added blessing has been to see how each sibling has been a vital part of the development of each other’s progress. They actually seem to like each other and want to be vital part of each other’s future. Nothing has blessed Cindy’s heart and mine more than that.

Now, things are changing for us. Our kids have gotten married. Michelle was the last one to tie the knot.  I’ve got another son-in-law, Nathan Schneider. He’s a very good friend of my other son-in-law, Steve Browning, who married my daughter Beth. My son, Jason, is also a friend of theirs. It sounds like a conspiracy. But I’ve come to believe it’s a “conspiracy of grace.” The Lord knew what I needed. Instead of losing another daughter, I’ve gained another son. The adventure is not over, but rather continuing with 3 new pioneers (two “guys” and a daughter-in-law named Amanda) to share the excitement with.

I am blessed. My wife and I are extremely blessed. My three kids have now become six. And I’m being told by many that it may result in many more… called grandkids. Talk about scary.


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