“And they were glorifying God because of me.” Galatians 1:24

The Apostle Paul had been radically changed.  His personal encounter with Jesus Christ left him a different man.  His loyalties had changed.  His earthly citizenship had been transferred to a heavenly one.  His goals and objectives were so different now.  Saul’s name was even changed to Paul.

People knew Saul of Tarsus.  They knew what he stood for and that he was very good at what he did.  Christians feared him because he had the authority to imprison or kill them.  He seemed to be on a God-given mission to get rid of the followers of Christ.  But then, all of that changed when he met Jesus on the road to Damascus.

After Paul’s encounter with Jesus, people were skeptical.  “Could not this “so called” change be a new strategy to trap Christians?” But as time went on, Paul continued to change and consistently live a different life – one devoted to serving and honoring Jesus Christ.  People could tell the difference.

What kind of difference has Jesus made in your life?  Can you tell the difference?

Fishers of men” are commissioned to tell the story about Jesus and how He changes lives.  Obviously, if you cannot identify the ways your life has been changed by Jesus, it begs the question, “Why not?”  If He really does change lives, shouldn’t yours be one characterized by change?

Before “fishers of men” start fishing for men, they need to examine their own lives.  Perhaps a good starting point would be in asking the following questions:

  1. What were you like before you met Jesus Christ?
  2. What were some of the things going on in your life that revealed your need for a Savior like Jesus?
  3. What were the circumstances that prompted you to place your faith in Jesus?
  4. When you received Christ, what did He forgive you of?
  5. What has changed since you placed your faith in Jesus?

The Bible says we are a work in progress (Phil 1:6).  Some things will take a while to change.  Receiving Christ doesn’t make you perfect…it’s starts you down the journey called change.  You are on the road to becoming much more like Christ.  After receiving Christ, personal sin will really bother you because the Holy Spirit lives within you to convict you.  Change will be constant.  Again, that is another evidence of change.

Knowing how flawed you are doesn’t disqualify you from “fishing for men.”  Remembering where you’ve come from and the nature of the new journey as a follower of Christ should compel you to tell the story about Jesus.  There are so many more people just like you who desperately want to change but haven’t heard the story of Jesus yet.

So what are you waiting for…go tell somebody!


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