“A sower went out to sow his seed…the seed is the Word of God.” Luke 8:4, 11

Jesus told a parable of how different soils respond to the planting of a seed.  He likened the different soils to differing levels of receptivity to God’s Word.  Each kind of soil responded differently to the seed.  The seed only took root in two of the soils, the thorny and good soil.  It thrived in only one, the good soil.

How does this affect you, a “fisher of men?” Bottom line – you cannot change the soil but you can plant the seed.  You cannot determine the response to the seed, but you can decide whether you will plant the seed.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of soil you’re facing if you don’t throw out some seed.  A seed cannot produce fruit unless it is planted.  A “fisher of men” is commissioned to live the lifestyle of a planter and sower.  Sometimes the seed you plant will produce fruit and sometimes it won’t.  That depends on the soil, not you.

Have you noticed how often we want to test the soil of a person before we plant a seed?  Have you ever considered how much time is consumed in trying to guess how receptive a person will be to receiving the Gospel.  We could be planting seed during this time of analysis paralysis.

Obviously, wisdom shouts that we would be better served planting seed in good soil.  But, while you are looking for the good soil, throw some seed around everywhere.  You might just discover some good soil right under you nose.


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