“If God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4:11

The most astounding attribute of God is His love.  He is All-Sufficient, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, and Ever Present.  How does LOVE fit in?  Why would God LOVE us?  He doesn’t need us…but He still loves us.

Men and women are so blessed.  We are the recipients of a love we don’t deserve.  And not just any love, but a perfect love…an unconditional love.

Whether we understand it or not, the result of His love lavished upon us should result in our loving one another.  In fact, Jesus said that His followers would be known for their love for each other.

Fishers of men” will find the message they are commissioned to deliver to be much sweeter to the listener when it is coated with demonstrations of love.  The way we treat fellow “fishers of men” will significantly affect the receptivity of those we are “fishing” for.

Take a moment today and evaluate your relationship with other followers of Jesus Christ.  Do you genuinely love them?  Is your love unconditional like Jesus’? Anyone you’ve not forgiven?

Be proactive in your love.  Forgive others, even if they don’t deserve it.  That’s how much God loves us.

Your love for others will open doors to share the Gospel.  “Fishers of men” can’t afford not to love.    “If God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.”


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