“But one of them, seeing that he was healed, returned and, with a loud voice, gave glory to God.  He fell on his face at His feet, thanking Him.  And he was a Samaritan.” Luke 17:15-16

Sometimes, sharing your faith is something as simple as thanking God out loud.

Jesus ran into 10 lepers as He was on His way to Jerusalem.  They kept their distance but still cried out for mercy.  They must have known who He was because they called Him by name.  They even called Him, “Master.”  Sounds like they knew that He was more than a traveling Rabbi.

Jesus healed them and told them to present themselves to the priests, as the law prescribed when one has been healed of this kind of disease.  So off they went.  I’m sure they were glad to be healed.  Perhaps they were thinking this was too good to be true.  Maybe they thought the priest would “pinch’ them and wake them up from this wonderful dream.  Maybe they felt like they needed to see what the priest would say before they should tell anyone else.

But, one of them stopped and immediately ran back to Jesus.  Seeing he was now healed, he had to thank Him.  The Bible says he did it “with a loud voice.”  It was loud enough for others to hear.  In fact, he also “fell on his face at His feet” in worship.  His conversation and lifestyle were in sync with the miraculous nature of this new relationship with Jesus.

Fishers of men” are like the leper who immediately ran back to Jesus and went public with the news of his changed life.  A “fisher of men” is not waiting until he understands completely what happened to him.  He’s also not waiting for someone to initiate a conversation about spiritual matters before he will talk about Jesus.  A “fisher of men” is so grateful to God for what He did that he feels compelled to share it – with anyone who will listen.

So, what are you waiting for?  You’ve confessed to being a follower of Jesus.  You’ve been forgiven of your sins.  You are the recipient of God’s gift called eternal life.  How can you possibly keep it in?  Gratitude to God insists that you give Him glory…out loud.  So don’t leave the message bottled up, let it out.  Go tell somebody.  Go do some “fishing.”


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