“The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the LORD.” Proverbs 16:1

Effectively sharing our faith requires planning.  Otherwise we’ll miss many of the Divine Appointments that God is constantly setting up for us.  Our lack of planning and busyness with the day-to-day routine of life can easily distract us from the main assignment given to a “fisher of men.”

Our planning should include the many spiritual disciplines that sensitize our hearts and minds to the activity of God.  Our planning should involve the improvement of skills like effective communication, the art of listening, and learning how to better articulate the Gospel message.  Our planning needs to include a daily commitment to verbally share our faith with the people we run into.  We need to plan for these Divine Appointments as though they totally depended upon us and our planning.

Our planning will prepare us for the moment that God has been orchestrating.  But, when the moment comes, we must be flexible with our plans and adjust them as God directs during the encounter.  As certain as you may have been about what you would say or how you would say it when the moment arrived, you must be willing to change should God direct at that moment.  Our planning should not dictate to God how He must work in a situation, nor do they give us an excuse to disobey God when He tells us to change our plans.

Fishers of men” are to be planners, but the Lord always reserves the right to change the plans at the last moment.  Planning prepares us to obey God when He opens the door to witness.  Never forget that our planning doesn’t help God…it prepares us and prevents us from missing the Divine Appointment that He schedules.


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