“O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.” Psalm 5:3 ESV

Going fishing requires preparation.   The few times I’ve gone fishing have always started with a stop at the bait shop.  The fisherman who took me with him would stop in and pick up some bait, a package of hooks, other fishing gear, and some snacks.  Later I would see how essential these items would be.  Without them, we would not have been able to catch any fish, and, we would have gone hungry.  The experienced fisherman knows that he needs to prepare for a fishing trip.

Fishing for men” is no different.  It requires preparation.  Before you go fishing for men, you need to pray and spend some time alone with God.  The psalmist told God that He would hear his voice in the morning.  Before you start your day do you pray for the ones you know, who don’t yet know Jesus as their personal Savior?  Have you asked God to arrange a divine appointment where you could meet and talk about their spiritual condition?  Have you taken time in the morning to read God’s Word for some timely tips from God about what to say when you see that person?

I believe we miss many of the daily opportunities to share our faith simply because we fail to prepare.  Jesus said that He was going to make His followers into “fishers of men.”  That means that we’d better start paying attention and getting ready to go fishing.  He’s not so interested that we look like “fishers of men.”  He wants us to actually “fish for men.”

Are you a follower of Jesus?  If so, it’s time to prepare to go fishing.  And then, once you cast your line to catch someone, you “watch.”


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