“If the watchman sees the sword coming but doesn’t blow the trumpet, so that the people aren’t warned, and the sword comes and takes away their lives, then they have been taken away because of their iniquity, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.” Ezekiel 33:6

Nobody wants to take responsibility these days.  It’s so much easier to blame someone else for our problems.  A sister blames her brother, a husband blames his wife, an employee blames her boss, a citizen blames the government, a president blames another president, and on and on.  And the misery of irresponsibility continues to spiral out of control.  Since it’s always someone else’s fault, there are no solutions and relationships continue to deteriorate with no hope for change.

Unfortunately, this same attitude has crept into the heart of some who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ.  Many Christians today are “too” busy that they don’t “have time” to share Christ with others.  Others insist that it’s not right to “push one’s personal religious beliefs” on another.  Some even insist, “If God wants to save that person, he doesn’t need my help.”

These arguments totally ignore God’s Word about the role of a “fisher of men.”  One of the roles given by God for every follower of Jesus is that of a “watchman.”  The watchman is to warn others of impending danger.  The “fisher of men” assumes the role of “watchman” whenever he or she warns another of the ultimate judgment that will come because of sin.  The scripture says, “The wages of sin is death”  (Romans 6:23) and that “it is appointed for people to die once, and after this judgment.”  (Hebrews 9:27)

The advantage that a “fisher of men” has over the ordinary watchman is that he, by sharing his faith in Jesus Christ not only gives warning of impending judgment but also is able to point the way of safety from judgment through the death and resurrection Jesus Christ.

A “fisher of men” is not going excuse himself from the responsibilities of a “watchman.”  He understands his solemn role.  Judgment is coming.  It’s time for the watchman to “blow his trumpet.”  Go tell somebody about Jesus today.


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