“That which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you…”  1John 1:3

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is essential to becoming an effective “fisher of men.”  You can’t live off someone else’s relationship with God. Your personal experiences with God change you on the inside and will always compel you to talk about it with others on the outside.

We are wired to pass on what we’ve experienced and seen personally.  You don’t have a difficult time telling someone about a great football game you’ve just seen.  You’re quick to pass on your feelings about a movie that you liked.  The birth of your child or grandchild has always resulted in conversations with others…that you initiated.  There’s just something in us that compels us to talk about our experiences and relationships with others.

A growing and maturing relationship with God will stir up within you a desire to talk about it.  You can expect others to want what you’ve got…that is, if you’ve got it.  John says he’s simply passing on what he has “seen and heard.” Aren’t you glad he did?  Because he “proclaimed it” we eventually heard it and experienced it.

Think about it from a fishing standpoint.  If you go fishing and catch some fish, you will have a great time.  And, you will be sharing fish tales to whoever will listen!  In fact, I suspect you’ll share the stories with passion, excitement, and animation.  Some people are going to want you to show them how you did it so they can try it and catch some fish themselves.

So, if we’re to be the “fishers of men” that Jesus intended us to be, we must cultivate our spiritual condition and grow closer in our relationship with God.  That intimacy will prompt us to talk.  It’s when we’re talking to others that we live out our calling as “fishers of men.”


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