“If anyone says anything to you, you should say that the Lord needs them, and immediately he will send them.” Matt 21:3

How responsive are you when God speaks?  If the Lord were to say He needs what you have, would you “immediately” give it to Him?

This verse is remarkable.  Jesus is sending two of His disciples into Jerusalem to get a donkey and colt for His Triumphal Entry into the city before His crucifixion.  He tells them that the moment they enter the city they will come across the two animals.  They’re to simply untie them and bring them back to Him.  And, if anyone stops them they’re to say “the Lord needs them.”  He added that the person would “immediately” release them.  And he did.  Amazing!

I’m convinced that most bad fishing days as a fisher of men are the result of my unresponsiveness or delay when the Lord speaks. It’s not that I don’t want to do what the Lord wants me to do, I’m just looking for a way to incorporate His wishes into my own plans – and that takes time.  And that’s the problem.  My delay in responding to the Lord reveals my arrogance.  I am revealing that I think I know best.  This delay can seriously and negatively impact those around me, especially those who have finally come to the point of receptivity to the Gospel.  The window of receptivity may be open for only the moment God sends me.  Any delay may prove disastrous.

God’s timing is always perfect.  So, when He speaks, it is important that you and I respond immediately and precisely in the way He prescribes.

Today, why don’t you join me in preparing for the Lord’s prompting.  Make the decision NOW, to do what He says when He says it.  Then, when He speaks, it’s not something to discuss but rather obey.

Have a great day fishing!


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