I asked my daughter to help me with this blog by writing a devotional.  She’s one of the most effective “fishers of men” I know.

I recently announced to my family and friends that I’ll be expecting a baby this July.  I found out this exciting news in October, and since that time I’ve studied the different “mom’s” that I could find in scripture, trying to learn every biblical truth I could about raising my child in the Lord.

This morning I read about the widow that Elijah meets in 1 Kings 17.  She is completely broke and depressed when he meets her, because she is confident that she is preparing to cook the last meal that she and her son have to eat.  Just then, a stranger – Elijah – walks up and asks her to give him some bread. She responds and tells him that she doesn’t have enough for him but only for one more meal for her son and herself.  Elijah persists and asks her to make him a loaf of bread first, and then to make some for her own family.  He promises that if she obeys that the Lord will provide plenty of flour and oil for her. She agrees, makes him the bread, and sure enough God stays true with His promise as she has enough supplies to make bread for many days to come.

When I read this story, I initially thought that this woman was nuts.  I can’t imagine giving away everything I had, and potentially leaving my child in need, in order to help a complete stranger – but that’s when God spoke His truth to my heart.  You see God desires that we would trust Him with our lives – every piece of us, and requires that we rely on Him to take care of the rest.

This blog is all about sharing Jesus with those around us and I often find myself questioning whether or not I am capable of doing so.  I sometimes feel that I’m inadequate, empty, and simply that I may mess it up. Sometimes I just want to go home, take care of my family and myself, and forget the command to tell others about Christ’s love.   With a new baby in our home it will be even easier for me to be able to come up with every excuse in the book as to why the baby shouldn’t be out around other’s germs, or the baby needs a nap, or the baby needs a stable environment to play in. Something I’ve been learning is that excuses don’t change requirements.  Excuses don’t change commands.

God desires for my obedience and He promises that He will handle the rest.  That means that I need to stop worrying about germs and just take my child to the park to play, where I’ll get the chance to talk to other mom’s and tell them about who Jesus is to me.  It means that if he opens the door for me to be able to talk to someone in my neighborhood about what He did for them while baby and I are out on a morning walk, then my child’s naptime will have to wait.  Being the best mom in the world means that I need to obey the commands God has placed on me first, and trust Him to take care of the rest.  It means that I need to give up every ounce of my own “oil and flour”, and trust Him to replenish it day after day.


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  1. Liz Bonnett says:

    What an awesome devotional filled with so many truths – although I now have adult children, there are many other excuses and reasons that I could come up with, like making dinner for my husband, caring for my small grandson, working 12 hrs a day ,etc.
    This really spoke to my heart that our only priority in life is glorifying God and obeying His commands. When we do this, everything else seems to just fall in place. He is our provider in every way! I needed to read this today! I have some corrections to make within my own life and heart.
    Thanks you so much for sharing – and Pastor Mike – how truly blessed you are with your entire family! What a blessing it is for me to be a part of SBC!

    • Sounds like you have a sensitive heart for God. Thanks for your comments. Obedience is certainly difficult but always fulfilling. My daughter will be delighted to know that what she wrote spoke to your heart. I’ll pass the word on to her.

  2. Dear Beth,

    What a beautiful way to start my day today! Thank you for your wisdom beyond your years. God has blessed you with a new little life, and it is clear that you are following His plan for your baby — and yourself. Thank you for the precious reminder that we need to trust His way and not put our blinders on by focusing on our own plans and concerns. I hope we get to meet one day. I treasure you Mom and Dad!


  3. Thanks for the sweet note. I’ll be sure to pass it on to Beth. 🙂

  4. Sally Bennett says:

    Beth, Great devotional. You are right on! You are wise beyond your years because you know where Truth is and you seek it from the One who speaks to your heart. love ya, Sally
    ps–Your dad wants good advise on being a “Papa” or “Grampa” and I know Joe Brannon is leaving a legacy to his grandchildren on a blog or something like that. I will try to get those to him. They are “inspirational” too. I am blessed with godly children, like you and I know God has His “remnant” of you out there so I have great Hope for our future.

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