Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” Genesis 2:18 ESV

Some people would just rather be alone.

  • Maybe it’s because they don’t know what to say.
  • Maybe it’s because they’re afraid.
  • Maybe it’s because somebody hurt them.
  • Maybe it’s because they’re self-centered.
  • Maybe it’s because they’re lazy.

One thing is certain.  God never created anybody to be a self-sufficient loner.  In fact, God said it was not good that a man be alone.

We were made relational.  We were made with an inherent need for companionship.  We were made with the capacity to effectively communicate with others and demonstrate love.  We are born with a need to be relational and a natural yearning to share good news with others.  We even have a hard time keeping secrets because we want others to know what we know.  How frustrating it would be if there was no one around to share what we’ve seen, heard, or done.

When Jesus said He would be making His followers “fishers of men,” He had this timeless truth in mind.  His plan involves people relating to other people.  His plan requires that we demonstrate love toward others.  His plan involves one person sharing with another person how to enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  The ultimate objective of a “fisher of men” is to help another person enter into a personal relationship with God .

So, who are you currently helping with this relationship.  You can’t just sit and wait for it to happen.  In fact, we aren’t even given the luxury of choosing the ones we will relate to.  God created Eve for Adam.  Adam had no choice in the matter.  God gave you the parents you have – you had nothing to do with that.  God puts people in your path on a daily basis that you do not plan to run into.  It’s time to accept this truth and take the initiative to be relational.

The next logical step, as a “fisher of men,” is that we live lives that are intentionally relational.  It’s time to open our eyes and notice those around us.  It’s time to become a friendly person; even if you don’t want to be a friend.  The greatest relationship of all is your relationship with God.  And God, for whatever reason, has chosen you to be a vital connector.  He wants you and I to help others connect with Him.

Who will you lead to Jesus Christ next?  Keep your eyes open, initiate conversations, be friendly, and introduce people to Jesus. They may choose not to meet Him.  After introducing them to Jesus, they must choose what they will do with Him.  That’s not your call.  But whether you introduce them or not is your call.



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