I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  Jesus made it quite clear when He called people to follow Him that He would be making them, “fishers of men.”  He did not say that if you follow Him he would make you more disciplined, more friendly, more productive, or even more spiritual.  Those are the kinds of things I would have hoped He would say.  But He didn’t.  He said if we followed Him, He would make us, fishers of men.

The ultimate objective is that we become “fishers of men.”  To get us there, Jesus will most definitely deal with our discipline, our people skills, our productivity, and our spiritual maturity.  But those are means to the end.  If we are not fishing for men, then our current contentment is misguided.

Beginning in 2010, I hope to write down and share some of the day-to-day insights I glean from the Scripture as they relate to our being made “fishers of men.

I welcome you to come learn to fish with me.


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